Right Sidebar Menu Setup (Services Details Page)

1. Go to Services Details Page.

2. Go to Services Details Page > Edit with Elementor.

3. Select Right Sidebar  this Icon.

4. Edit Navigation Menu appears on the left in the Elementor Dashboard.  

4. Choose Menu form Select Menu Service Details. And hit Apply.

4. Choose Every Items and Select Navigation Menu as Service Details as above.

Plugins Setup

Appointments Setup

1. Go to Appointments > Settings for setup Booking and book time slots of the Booked Calender plugins.

2. Go to General > Choose Guest Booking, Choose Booking Options, Guest Booking Options, Appointment Booking Redirect etc.

3. Here you can choose Front-End Color also. Then Hit Save Changes Button

4. Go to Time Slots > Now Setup Daily Time Slots for a Week by using Bulk. Set as you want or your demand

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