Pediatric Dentistry

The Smile Factory Medical Center dream’s main priority is to look after the teeth and gums of you and your loved ones. We love working with children and helping them to learn the best ways to care for their teeth.


Helping your children to brush their teeth properly and ensuring their gums are healthy can be difficult, especially when they are toddlers. That’s why we recommend bringing your child to see us within six months of their first tooth and definitely by the age of one.

We want to keep an eye on their oral health from as early as possible to ensure they are developing as expected and meeting their dental milestones.

Our team are experienced in working with children and will help them relax during treatment by showing them the different equipment and making you part of their experience.

It is important to help children feel at ease in the dental chair from a young age so that they can avoid any nervousness or anxiety as they get older.

As well as looking after the teeth of younger children, our team is experienced in the orthodontic needs of pre-teens and teenagers.

We are a family focused practice and will work with parents to look after the health of their children’s teeth and gums.